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Soap Dispensers

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HX II Manual Foam & Liquid Soap Dispensers 

The HXII soap system is available in a manual unit that has the ability to dispense liquid, foam and gel formulations through a sealed cartridge and pump system. The 0.4ml pump has the ability to dispense 1750 applications from the 700ml cartridge. A unique feature of tha manual unit is the retrofit counter designed for back of house hospitality and medical applications that registers the amount of hand washers over a period of time. A retrofit elbow bracket is also available for the manual unit.

Soap Variations :

  • Luxury foam soap
  • Luxury liquid soap
  • Antibac foam soap
  • Antibac liquid soap
  • Waterless hand sanitiser





HXII Auto Soap Dispenser, White 









 Betasan Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitising Dispenser (manual) and ( sensor)

The Betasan antibacterial gel dispenser is the perfect addition to any workplace environment to break the bacteria cross contamination chain. Every day thousands of potential harmful bacteria and viruses are transmitted through hand contact. From the introductory hand shake to using doors, fax machines and drinking from coffee cups. This dispenser gives the user 0.4ml dose of Betasan antibacterial hand gel which will kill 99.9% of harmful contamination agents and leave the user with a 4 hour barrier of protection.

Features :

  • Dispenses 1750 applications per pouch
  • 4 Hours of hand protection
  • Sealed Pouch and pump system







      TRD Top Up Soap Dispenser 

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